Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul

Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul

Released: 6/10/2008
Label: Big Brother

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The seventh offering from Manchester's greatest is certainly not to be missed and still amazes me as much as they always have done. The album starts with probably the strongest opening track since "Be Here Now" entitled "Bag It Up". It strikes me to be as solid as the classic Oasis tunes with brilliant lyrics such as "I've got my heebie-jeebies in a hidden bag" and the nonsensical "I'm gonna talk a walk with the Monkey Man".

The second of five amazing starters is "The Turning", which gives a chant-able chorus more noticeable at the end of the track. The Oasis-model styling shown in the lyric "So come on" reminds me totally of their 90's stuff, and ...

The Led Zeppelin style beginning of "Waiting for the rapture" leads into an amazingly brilliant Noel sung track which grabs hold of you from the first listening. White Stripes style baselines lead you through to a superb ending which is rather unexpected.

Track 4 gives us the hook release. A beautiful Lyla-style riff possibly borrowed from the Strokes. Non-Oasis fans alike will love this track, which might not be the way the band wanted to go, but the way it inevitably has. "Come in, come out tonight", "Love is a time machine, up on a silver screen"

"I'm Outta Time" is with a doubt the album's best contribution. Elements of Pink Floyd and more obviously Lennon haunt the song. Lyrics like "If I were to fall, would you be there to applaud, or would you hide behind them all" suggest Liam either has apprehensions about the critical Noel, or he's presenting the track from a different angle. I'm undecided. This could easily be Liam's attempt to become Lennon for a track, writing it from his perspective as almost a tribute. It's truly beautiful to the point of almost bringing you to tears. To me it's a shame this isn't better placed in the album. It would be the most amazing track to finish an album on, but maybe that'd be too cliche for Oasis.

After such a peak, it's inevitable that the album has to take a dive. It most definitely does this though the next few tracks until near the end. In all fairness "Falling Down" is in fact the exception to this. It's a beautiful string-ridden mixture of hard and soft emotion. Magnificent.

It's a shame the album wasn't cut to eight or nine tracks and that "To Be Where There's Life" and "Aint' Got Nothin'" weren't completely omitted. Lyrics such as "Here's a song, sing along" send shudders down my spine and prevent this album from being potentially as good as "What's the Story" or "Def Maybe".

Thankfully "Dig Out Your Soul" re-peaks at the final two hurdles. "The Nature of Reality" opens with an amazing bass line and riff that continues through the song to deliver a great track.

Finally "Soldier On" presents a very strong ending to an amazingly virtuoso album. Each line of vocal seems the echo at the end, which works brilliantly and kind of gives the track a quite mysterious feel to it. It ends with a magnificent outro, which completes the album brilliantly.
- 8/10 thinkofmusic

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