Deadmau5 - 4X4=12

Deadmau5 - 4X4=12

Released: 6/12/2010
Label: Virgin Records

The third compilation from Canadian dance music artist Deadmau5.

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Our Review

The third album by the mouse-headed Joel Zimmerman, AKA Deadmau5. The album is apparently given the name from a calculator glitch. 4X4=12 begins with the two catchiest tracks of the album, both of which have previously been released as singles. It's easy to think that the rest of the album will be of a similar nature, however this is not the case. The remainder of the album shows a slightly new direction from the Canadian dance artist, showcasing a few dub-step tracks, experimenting which different techniques and styles.
Particular tracks to look out for are the opening track 'Some Chords', 'Right This Second' which cools down well into 'Raise Your Weapon' and 'One Trick Pony' featuring Sofia Toufa AKA SOFI.

Overall 4X4=12 is a strong third album, but still doesn't reveal too much about the man behind the mask.
- 7/10 thinkofmusic

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